Weekending – Rainy Trolley, Beach Time, and Bar High Chair!

Hey, hey! How was your weekend? I hope it was fun and relaxing.. and that you’re looking forward to the 3-day weekend we have ahead of us :)

My FriYAY kicked off with a run around my neighborhood – Hot ‘n humid is the name of the running game this time of year. Phew!

Kyle took Friday off of work, so over my lunch hour we hit up Costco and an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for lunch. Then on Friday night I had a girls’ night! A big group of us rented a trolley with the plan to have dinner, see the sunset, and then end the night dancing. Unfortunately, the rain ruined our sunset plan (and soaked us on the trolley, LOL), but it was still a lot of fun! We had dinner and drinks at Sea Salt and then finished the night at Blue Martini with a live band.


On Saturday, we spent the day on the beach as a family. It wasn’t crowded and Dean loved the new wagon we used!


The rest of Saturday we relaxed at home and Dean went to bed SUPER early… which meant he woke up at 5am on Sunday. YAY <– Note the sarcasm, LOL.

Spinning + CXWorx + Spark started my Sunday on the right foot. Dean and I hung at the gym while Kyle golfed.


A mid-day Target run was necessary… Everything was 10% off, how could I NOT go to Target?! My little shopping buddy loved the trip too ;)



When Kyle finished golfing, we decided to have a family-friendly Sunday funday at one of our favorite local breweries, Riptide. We were the ONLY ones there, so Dean was able to explore – AKA run around like a crazy man – and have fun with the bar-height high chairs. It was a great opportunity for a photo!





Kyle grilled burgers for Sunday night dinner and we called it an early night.

How was your weekend? Any fun workouts? Any Sunday Fundays?!


While we didn’t have the most exciting weekend here in Naples, I’m working on getting back into the habit of blogging (SHOCK! Haha!) so here’s a little recap of what we were up to the past few days.

After arriving in Naples on Monday and then both Kyle and I catching up on work the rest of the week, Friday night was a much needed relaxing evening. Kyle cooked up Zucchini Shrimp Scampi (sooooo good!) and we watched Tiny House on HGTV.

I taught spinning on Saturday morning and then Dean and I hit up Trader Joe’s to stock up on goods for the week.


When Kyle got home from work, it was Daddy and Deany time while I napped. #bestdealever


I honestly have no recollection of what we did on Saturday evening. The plan WAS to watch the sunset but it started storming around 6pm so we decided to stay in. Gosh, we are super old, haha. It’s okay, we had pretty exciting weekends the past two weeks ;)

On Sunday morning, I hit up a couple of my new favorite classes – BODYATTACK and CXWorx. So. Much. Fun! And so much sweat, but we won’t talk about that ;)


I ran into work to show a new instructor around midday and then Kyle, Dean and I hit up Tacos and Tequila for a late lunch. T&T has two-for-one margaritas on Sundays so we (obviously) took full advantage ;)


Dean colored for the first time and ate a lot of chips. It was a great atmosphere, we will definitely be back.


The rest of the afternoon we relaxed while Dean napped… I played around with Snapchat (haha)… and then Kyle grilled up some delicious BBQ chicken for dinner.


Oh! And I set a workout plan for the week which I haven’t done in longer than I’d like to admit. I’m trying a new(ish) women’s bootcamp gym for the next month with my friend – I’m excited!

It was a super chill weekend and I’m ready for the week ahead.

How was your weekend? What was the most exciting part of your weekend?


I’m having a total case of the Mondays today! Thankfully, I fit my workout in this morning (kicking and screaming…) and am feeling much better about the rest of the day ;)

Let’s chat the weekend though!

We had a chill night on Friday night – I hung Dean’s birthday sign (a few weeks early, LOL) and Kyle grilled turkey burgers. Dean enjoyed his dinner as well!

I’m glad Friday was a relaxing night because on Saturday, Dean decided he wanted to play starting at 5:45am! That called for lotsa Spark for mama, an early morning Target run, cleaning the entire house, the farmer’s market, lunch out on 5th Avenue, some fun in the pool, and trying on new shoes!

I also made some tasty (and healthy!) treats and we watched a gorgeous sunset on the beach. Best sunset we’ve seen here so far!

Sunday was another early morning – check out that bedhead.

I went on a nice run and then we enjoyed a walk on the beach, some time at the park (Dean’s first time swinging), and grilling.

Whew! We did A LOT the past 2 days. I’m looking forward to Friday – I took the day off of work and am heading to a friend’s bachelorette party in Florida. I CANNOT wait!!

How was your weekend? Was it productive? Fun? Did you do anything exciting?

Weekending – Crust, the Zoo, and Cuban food!

Weekending, weekending – It was another fun weekend in Naples. Today started out super cloudy but it cleared off and turned out to be the most perfect day!

How about a weekend recap?

First of all, check out Dean’s Friday face. The kid cracks me up!


After teaching BODYPUMP on Friday afternoon, I grabbed a late lunch at Chipotle with The Deanster. #chipotlequeen


On Friday night, Kyle and I hit up the new Crust location with some friends. Dean was actually really good and entertained himself with a large table of kids behind us. I was surprised since we were out way past his bedtime.

Saturday morning was the launch of BODYPUMP97 at the Y. Launch day is always so much fun!

Late morning, we decided to take Dean to the Naples Zoo for the first time. Once per month the zoo admits Collier County residents for free (tickets are normally almost $20/person so it’s a deal!) so we took full advantage. It was HOTTTT but Dean had fun animal (and people, LOL) watching.



Kyle had been wanting to try Rumba Cuban Cafe FOREVER (apparently it is rated #1 on Trip Advisor in Naples) so we made a quick stop after the zoo for some lunch. It was SOOOO good! I wish we lived closer because I’d be there more often than I like to admit ;) The best places to eat in Naples tend to be in random strip malls and Rumba is no exception to that rule. YUM.

The rest of Saturday we hung out at home. Kyle grilled chicken for dinner and we called it an early night.

And Dean snacked in the nude ;)


On Sunday morning I went out for a quick run – I didn’t have a time or distance goal in mind. It felt great!


Even though it was cloudy, we hit up the beach for a little family walk. Walking in the sand with a 20 pounder is no joke…


Kyle made lunch and had to do a little work so Dean and I made a Target run… Cheddar Bunnies for Deany, new pillow for mommy ;) That is how I like to shop!


And now I’m all prepped for the week – Clean sheets on the bed (and Dean’s crib), lunches packed, floors vacuumed… ahh feels so good. Andddd I’m also currently shopping for a lazy susan, any recommendations? There are SO many options, I’m overwhelmed!

How was your weekend? Any fun happenings to report?

Weekending – A birthday, owl wine, and pickles!

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend?

Shockingly enough, the time change didn’t throw us off too much. Dean let us sleep until “7:30” (really 6:30 LOL) and I was successful at putting him down at 7 tonight! Fingers crossed ;)

Anyways, enough about DST and more about the weekend!

It was a nice and relaxing one for us… Nothing crazy here in Naples. Here’s what we were up to…

Friday kicked off with a sweaty spin class!  

And then ended with some relaxing at home with one of my new favorite red wines. Cute, organic and delish.  

I have wanted to run to the beach for a few months now and I FINALLY made it happen Saturday morning. 6.25 miles of perfection… and a gorgeous view at the end. I’m pretty proud of my (mostly) negative splits as well!  

Kyle and Dean met me after my run and we picked up Kyle’s newly dad-pimped bike ;) First family bike ride is happening as soon as we get Dean a helmet! Any suggestions on baby bike helmets?  

Anddd… Saturday was Mitchell’s 10th birthday! Happy birthday, Mitchell!!!! He got 2 super long walks, extra treats, and lotsa love.  

We went out for lunch on Saturday and Dean discovered his love of pickles, haha!  

Then it was time to stock up on vino…  

And practice our walking. 

Kyle whipped up some delicious risotto on Saturday night while I had a drink with the birthday boy.  

On Sunday morning, we had a belated birthday party for Mitchell at the beach! He played with his doggie friends and chased after the ball and enjoyed a good swim until he was exhausted.   

I taught BODYPUMP and then we relaxed as a family – made dinner, played, went for a long walk… Sunday stuff :)  

I am most definitely ready for the week ahead!

How was your weekend? Best meal of the weekend? Any good runs/races?


Hiya! How was your weekend? Kyle’s mom was visiting us (okay, let’s be honest – she was visiting Dean…) from Chicago so we got out and about more than usual the past few days.

Pizza and wine on Thursday night for dinner. Yum!  

A little solo trip to TJ’s Friday afternoon called for some treats – vino and flowers.  

Friday evening sunset.  

Saturday morning DREADMILL run… I did intervals to make the time pass and fit in a great workout.  

Minnesota Twins spring training in Ft. Myers! Kyle and I had season tickets for the Twins when we lived in Minnesota so it was fun to see them play again.  

Fun mail day on Saturday!

Date night on Saturday evening – Tony’s Off 3rd for drinks followed by dinner at Sea Salt. Yum, yum, yum!  

Sunday morning called for a 3 mile walk on the beach (no photos – I left my phone in the car), followed by BODYPUMP, and then dinner out at La Bazenne on 5th Avenue.  

Andddd we may have treated ourselves to ice cream at Kilwin’s after dinner ;) Hehe!

It was a busy and fun weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect. Here’s to a great week ahead!

How was your weekend? Any Twins baseball fans out there?


Wait, Sunday night? How is that possible?!

This weekend flew and the next few days have the potential to be a little crazy so if I disappear, you  know why ;)

But let’s chat the weekend!

It was gorgeous on Friday so after teaching spinning, I took Dean and Mitchell on a long walk. It was exhausting, obviously.


I dressed Dean up as a little German dude before Kyle got home from work. Baby lederhosen, ADORABLE.


A few of my amazing friends sent me very thoughtful birthday gifts… And those birthday cake M&M’s? Let’s just say the bag didn’t last long ;)


A little wine stock up on Friday evening… followed by steak and sweet potatoes for dinner.


Saturday morning BODYPUMP. It was freeeeezing (for Naples) but teaching warmed me up. I taught Sunday afternoon too :)


I’m participating in a yoga challenge beginning TOMORROW so I had a little photo shoot this morning… Here’s an outtake, LOL.


Family froyo outing. Dean was not thrilled he wasn’t allowed to have a bite! Actually, he was pretty mesmerized by the fountain and wasn’t interested in our froyo.



We enjoyed fajita salads for dinner tonight so I made up for the pre-dinner sugar high ;)

The week ahead holds a lot of teaching per the norm, getting ready for our Colorado trip, launching my February bootcamps and a few other things that I’ll fill y’all in on later!

How was your weekend? When was the last time you had froyo?


How are y’all doing? I hope everyone in the line of the mega snowstorm is safe and warm and (hopefully) has a snow day from work tomorrow ;) #snowperks

It was a relaxing weekend here in Naples so I don’t have much to report and only a few photos to share. Dean and I are both so happy that Kyle is back home with us as of Saturday evening! He was in Germany since last weekend for work so I was doing the single mom thing and it was definitely not easy. All you single parents out there are incredible.

I do find it odd/interesting that Dean slept a lot better while Kyle was gone… It probably just coincided with a mental leap/growth spurt but he is not fighting his crib (knock on wood) and sleeping pretty consistently as of the last week. Fingers crossed it lasts!

Now, for the weekend!

I taught 3 Spin classes on Friday so I was D.E.A.D. on Friday evening. I did nothing and was happy LOL.


Dean and I hit up the gym early on Saturday for a HIIT class. Quick and fun! Later that afternoon we headed out to do some shopping. Lulu and a few other fun spots…


… I found a few cute items! When you live in workout gear, it’s okay to fill your closet with it ;)

Sleep dragon during naptime – I need to get a better photo of this outfit, it is adorable with the hood up!


Sunday BODYPUMP after a lazy morning of Trader Joe’s shopping and relaxing. (Kyle was up EARLY thanks to jet lag and that woke Dean up super early… so we had a long morning ;) )


Taco night and family walk to end the day – Perfection.


How was your weekend? Whatcha up to this week?


Sunday night? Whew, this weekend flew!

It was a fun one… Let’s review with some photos :)

A little Flex Friday action for my Fit Squad friends… post-spin class.


Deany monster and happy hour, challenge style! #noexcuses


A much needed date night and then late night cuddles with our little guy.


One of my gym friends gifted Dean some of her son’s clothes and toys – He was PUMPED for the new noise makers… and the clothes are super cute too :)


Annual family beach photo… PS. Kyle’s family was visiting this weekend if you couldn’t tell, ha!


Relaxing nap spot for Deany. xoxo



Energy for mama as we were driving around Naples!


We had a bit of a crazy Saturday night/Sunday morning… No photos because it was the middle of the night but there were TORNADOES and a meteotsunami thanks to the 80MPH winds (7 feet ABOVE high tide… Google meteotsunami – Unless you want me to science geek out on you ;) ) in Naples. What the what?? My phone alert startled me at 5am so all of us and Mitchell sat in the closet for a good hour until the storm passed (it did not sound very pleasant outside) – Thankfully, our neighborhood didn’t sustain much damage. There were branches and debris scattered around and one tree down on our street but closer to the beach, LOTS of trees and power lines had been downed. Scary! They decided to cancel the Naples Half Marathon scheduled for this morning – Super disappointing for all of the runners who worked so hard during training, but it was necessary for safety reasons.

So, 5am wakeup call… 8am spin class… 1pm BODYPUMP… And I was SPENT!


We celebrated my birthday early at Gumbo Limbo on the beach. Gorgeous, as always.


Our server gave Deany a little stuffed monkey for being well-behaved – He loves it!


I ordered a delicious salad (forgot to ask for no croutons/cheese <– per the ALL IN challenge!) but those were easy enough to avoid. The shrimp was AH-MAZ-ING.


And, a little humor to leave you with on this Sunday evening… hehe! I love my carboardeaux ;)


How was your weekend? What did ya do? Any fun ideas for celebrating a 31st birthday in a few days?! I’m old and can’t think of any ;)


Whew – The last 2 days flew by!

A quick review of my weekend would be…

Spinning –> Drive to Orlando –> Workout/AdvoNation/Visit cousin –> Drive home from Orlando –> Sleep (kinda) –> BODYPUMP

But, we all know photos make a weekend recap 1,000x more interesting so let me share some fun shots from the weekend!

Packing for Orlando… I hate packing last minute! I forgot makeup remover and normal (non workout/non heeled) shoes. UGH. Thankfully, I survived ;)


Dean and Mitchell playing on either side of the door… One wants in, one wants out. Anddddd my glass will never be clean again.


Hanging out in Orlando Friday night.


Saturday morning workout with Michelle! I tried to create a difficult workout sans gym… I think I was successful ;)


Pre-AdvoNation photo.


Dean mimicking the Disney character’s facial expressions, LOL.


Sunday afternoon brightly colored BODYPUMP.


Chicken chop salad for dinner.


Dean lovedddd this baby food. I will be heading to Target tomorrow to pick up more :)


How was your weekend?

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